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RADWIN Introduces Ground-Breaking Mobility Solution That Boosts Broadband Connectivity For Vehicles in Motion

May 23, 2012

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 23 2012 - RADWIN (, the global provider of Backhaul and Broadband Wireless Solutions, today announced the launch of RADWIN 5000 Mobility, a ground-breaking solution that boosts broadband connectivity for vehicles in motion. 

The RADWIN 5000 Mobility solution delivers high capacity of 100 Mbps at speeds of up to 200 Km/h for video and Internet connectivity. The solution comes with powerful base stations that enable connectivity to ruggedized mobile units that can be mounted on vehicles, trains and vessels. RADWIN 5000 Mobility provides wide-area coverage and ease-of-deployment, making it the optimal choice for public and private organizations such as public transportation authorities, oil & gas companies and mines that are looking to improve security and operational efficiency. 

RADWIN 5000 Mobility solution is commercially deployed in large-scale projects worldwide and serves multiple applications. This includes perimeter security via video connectivity between patrol cars in the field to control centers, Internet connectivity for public transport systems and more.

Roni Weinberg, RADWIN’s Executive VP and COO: “We are excited to launch the RADWIN 5000 Mobility solution which empowers public and private organizations to provide high-quality video and Internet access for moving vehicles. Mobile connectivity is the way of the future as organizations seek to provide ubiquitous coverage any place, any time. Our versatile Mobility solutions enable delivering high-capacity and long-range coverage on the go.”

Broadband video transmission for perimeter security

RADWIN is a leading provider of wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint solutions in the sub-6 GHz space. RADWIN’s solutions deliver voice, video and data with high-capacity over long range. Deployed in over 140 countries by carriers, service providers and enterprises, RADWIN’s solutions deliver telco-grade performance at the most competitive price. The systems are ideal for a broad range of backhaul, broadband access, enterprise connectivity, security, video surveillance and mobility applications. 
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